Wes Levesque

Wes Lévesque has always had a passion for food and business, making up his mind at 4 years old that one day he would own his own food establishment. At 19 years old with about 5 years of restaurant experience under his young belt, he decided to start a small café and catering company. 13 years later and Wes has evolved past his first few companies and has now founded MJW Hospitality. Sheila’s Catering is one of Wes’ first acquisitions with MJW and he plans to stay very hands on, in the company, to continue it’s growth and success. Wes is also a certified nutritionist and starred and hosted his own cooking show on cable television for two years. Through his many years in the Food and Beverage industry Wes has adopted the mantra of doing everything he does the best possible way he can. Live like you mean it. In this case it’s translated into using amazing local and organic ingredients and finessing every aspect of the cooking and serving experience. Wes has been instrumental in the success of many start ups, as a consultant and/or owner and now plans to take that experience into growing MJW Hospitality.

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