As many of you know we have been associated with the Galbraith Manor for several years. It once housed our offices, we were once the curator, and finally, we have catered almost every kind of event there known to mankind. Weddings, birthdays, showers, High Teas,  city meetings, company meetings, baby showers, anniversaries and yes even a funeral.

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Most recent years have seen us there as the host and caterer to many fundraisers for a variety of charities.

When we first arrived to do a function, the house had this warm inviting feel to it. It would not be long before we realized we were not alone in the house. The invited guests often never knew of the uninvited guests.

There were signs and sounds throughout the three story historic mansion of a past gone by. Some of its inhabitants decided not to leave even when their time was up.

The house is just one of many historical building in and around New Westminster, the current owner having two of those properties.

But alas, the Galbraith Manor is being sold soon, and an era will be ending. We are hoping that the new owner will still do something that will allow for the general public to still enjoy its grandness.

Angela Kerslake, a friend, and the current owner has maintained this home in full glory. When I say maintained, I also mean added to its beauty and presence meticulously over her period of ownership.

It will be a sad day when I will no longer be allowed to pop in and be apart of the grandeur of this home.

If you would like to see the inside of this home, there is one last fundraiser that we will be apart of in August.

Please call me if you would like to attend this event on behalf of PAAWS, an animal rescue that was started by the house owner.

Angela Kerslake started a pet rescue in Guatemala, that rescues cats(PAAWS). She has also worked hard with another local Guatemalan dog rescue and has adopted many dogs to Canadians over the years. Linda, our dog, also was a rescue from Guatemala.

So if you can come please call me for tickets 604 782 7298, or if you can donate that would be great as well.


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