Ahhhhhh the care free days of summer….. what do you have planned?

My house always seems to be in a state of caos, kids coming, kids going. Visits, shopping, summer school. Getting all the appointments caught up. Then there are the special things one wants to fit in like camps and holidays and the pool and the rec centre and the water parks…

I am tired just thinking about the summer and we just got started. I am now looking forward to the calmness (LOL) of school. I know right?

As a family with several children with different needs it is hard for us to do stuff out side the home as a whole. The best in keeping it all together if we just stay at home and turn on the sprinklers.

Let’s face facts though what fun would that be? Our two youngest, both living with Autism love to play in the water and sprinklers and jump on the trampoline. Everyday they go out, play, take out all the toys and play, get wet, eat, play get wet some more and then clean up and to bed. This is pretty much our summer days or could be.

Unfortunately that gets pretty boring for our older kids, who want more excitement than a twirling sprinkler. So out comes the cash and off to the pool or the dollar store or McDonalds. This summer we will sneak away to Great Wolf Lodge, which will offer something for everyone.

There will be the obvious, water fun for the young ones, for the teen girls there will be boy watching and chasing and for the teen boys there will be the thrill of the slides, and of course hunt and seek and water guns and all that make teen boys somewhat happy.

For the older teens there will still be electronics and wifi. For us old farts there is a bar….just saying, with one of us having to keep an eye open at all times. I talk tough but really there is no booze as I am diabetic and it will take two of us to keep them all corralled over the course of four days.

The cost of which we as a couple could go twice to a European destination and have peace and quiet, but what fun would that be and what memories would that build for the kids….mmmm well I mean other than getting to spend time with grandma who plasters them with candy and apparently runs a order by order restaurant while we are away.

Our fully stocked fridges and cabinets are still full when we return home from a couple holiday. The recycle bins are full of containers and wrappers from all the take out restaurants and all the snack foods are gone.

I wish there was a magic holiday button that just transported ones kids to where ever made them happy and a cloning machine so you could be at each location your child has chosen to be able to be apart of their memories.

In my day (YOU CAN TELL I’M OLD),  I spent my summers at my grandma and grandpas farm. We built forts, ran in the fields went on many “on the farm” excursions. Berry picking and picnics were the highlights of our summer days. AHHHHHHH the simpler times.

I don’t apologize for wanting or wishing a more simpler life for the kids, I think we all need to get to a slower pace. Life takes us over, the kids will look back on their lives like us old farts and wonder where the hell it went and how quickly it left.

Hopefully there will be some memories built on their way of living today. And maybe we can sneak in some Old fashioned summer activities like picnics or berry picking to give them some “old fart” memories.

My biggest wish is that I just survive the summer without going totally crazy.

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