I am blessed to be surrounded by many amazing people. People that have many different talents and abilities. I met today’s contributor, many many years ago. Ladner Village Market is a premier market in British Columbia, and there you will find the best of the best. From jewelry, breads, garden ornaments, plants, baking and fresh farm produce are just a few of the close to 150 vendors that gather in Ladner from June to September.

We participated for 20 years as Mr Moms Catering selling our frozen products and baking. It was here that we met Cheryl. She has an amazing spirit and we connected quickly. She is fun, beautiful and extremely talented.

I have asked her to be a contributor to talk about what she does and the benefits to our health. She will also contribute some healthy recipes in this month of keeping our new year’s resolutions.

Bio:  Cheryl Theilade has been teaching a variety of classes on natural skin care for over 19 years for various Continuing Education Programs and Community Centres throughout the Lower Mainland.  Along with her enthusiasm, spirit and good sense of humor, she shares her knowledge on using ingredients from nature to create affordable, healthy body care products.  She offers tips on customizing skincare to suit your own needs or for someone special.

Everybody meet my friend Cheryl:

Rebalance and Recharge:

After all of the holiday indulgences, it’s time to clean up our act! January usually marks the beginning of an overhaul with a new skincare routine and it begins with a natural “regime”.  How about renewing your skincare line by DIY!  From shampoo’s, creams n’ lotions and deodorant to even your cosmetics, it’s fun, affordable and effective and also fabulous for the environment too. 

So if you’re interested in going back to pioneer days and making the transition to a natural body care routine, here’s a few tips to get your skin looking as bright as the New Year.

Revive and Restore:

If some of you were partaking in New Years’ beverages, unfortunately, alcohol dehydrates the body and leaves your skin looking dry and dull.  To revive your skin, increase your water intake and add some lemon, lime, mint, or cucumber to ‘liven’ it up.  And, get some good rest. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing! 

To regain that glow, try adding a brightening and vitamin-boosting facial mask to your regime twice a week.  If you’re suffering from tired, dry and puffy skin, these colourful antioxidants are so beneficial; organic powders of acai berry, matcha green tea, hibiscus flower, rosehip, papaya, aloe vera, along with earth clays will tighten, tone, fight redness and blackheads and it’s incredibly soothing.

Rejuvenate and Reveal:

Exfoliating is an important part of a body care regime.   Begin by creating your own body polish! Exfoliation is the shedding of dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling smooth, toned and moisturized.  Some commercial versions of skin exfoliators can be quite harsh, therefore, could irritate the skin (not to mention contain mineral additives, parabens, petroleum by-products, hormone disrupters and phthalates).  A gentle exfoliating body polish, promotes removal of accumulated dead skins cells, impurities and toxins, improves circulation and leaves the body nutrient replenished.

For information on classes, recipes and custom blending, please contact
Cheryl Theilade of Scentimental Creations – www.scentimentalcreations.com

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