My friend Cheryl and I have friends for many years. We have had booths close together at the Ladner Village Market for years. I love to raz the shit out of her at these markets, “reorganizing” her products while she was busy chatting with clients, which since leaving I won’t be able to do anymore.

She is a beautiful woman in body and spirit because she enjoys life to the fullest.(always facebook pics of her partying with someone or another) But she also eats a well-balanced diet.

This is one of her recipes, that I have just made and they are soooooo. Good.

Combine in a bowl the following ingredients and form little patties. You could make them into meatballs as well for an appetizer, or serve them on a multi grain bun for a grab and go lunch.

2 cups almond meal

1 cup organic cooked beans mixed

¾ cup cottage cheese

¼ cup parmesan cheese

3 eggs

¼ cup nutritional yeast (engevita powder)

½ cup organic peanut butter(or sunflower/almond butter)

Salt and pepper to taste

Braggs soya sauce to taste as well

In a non stick pan spray or add a tablespoon olive oil, and cook golden brown.

These are great cold or hot. They last in your fridge up to 5 days.

This is a great recipe that is so quick from start to finish 15 minutes.

You could also add, chives, green onions and or parsley. These are optional but will add another layer of flavor.

If I have humus, or mashed yams even salmon, I have added these as well.

A mango chutney can be served with them either as a dressing on a sandwich or on the side as a dip.

Enjoy and look forward to more healthy recipes from Cheryl

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**Credit to Cheryl Theilade for the recipe


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