From the very earliest of days I can remember how much my grandmother helped everyone around her, giving of her time and resources. This was really amazing, considering how dirt poor my grandparents were. Having 12 kids, there never really seemed to be enough.

The family was really split into two halves, the older kids(my mom and her siblings) the second set (my moms much younger siblings) that I grew up with.

I always witnessed the great things that my grandma could do with so little. My mom also took on the role as a giver and gave to everyone. Usually in those country ways, cooking and baking and gift baskets. So I come from a long line of people thought that when blessed you share that blessing with all.

The interesting part is that it never seemed to matter how little anyone had they always had enough to give to someone less fortunate.

I have always had lots, maybe not what others had, but beyond enough. My kids (although they would tell you how hard done by they were) had everything and then some.

The older I became it became more important to me to show my own kids and mentor for them, that you need to give back if you are blessed. Darrell and I believe that you must continue to give back and do what you can big or small.

My favorite fundraising saying…..”Most people want to give back but, they don’t know to who or they haven’t been asked”

Some of the more recent organizations that we have donated to, are:


P.A.A.W.S..Formally Project Linda

I have been involved on a fundraising level for several years, with an organization that rescues dogs and cats in Guatemala. I love animals and can’t stand the thought of animals in distress or without love. This organization was a “no kill zone”, which in the big picture I am so on board. However I am also a realist and a person, with what I believe, more than my share of compassion.

I can not stand to see animals in pain or suffering, when saying goodbye might be more humane. The organization that I was an indirect sponsor too did amazing things and of course many animals were saved in the process. Having said that I think that the organization did not reflect my thinking about sponsoring animals outside our country. “give a man a fish he eats for the day, teach a man to fish he lives a lifetime…. Or some such thing.

So to bring back these animals without the thought on how we actually teach Guatemalans to be a responsible animal community seems to be putting a bandaid on a severe wound, A more affective solution has been thought of, and that is to educate and to help in the neutering/spading. Guatelmans are extremely poor as a country over all .

Dogs are everywhere, uncared for, wild, beaten and treated and controlled like rats. Although the country is slowly coming around it will be years before they see standards and laws like Canada.

On a recent trip to Guatemala we as a group from BC were taking a trip to a local resort town. On the way there one of the Ladies spotted a small puppy on the street, almost dead. They picked her up, no one on the street tried to stop her from taking the pup.

Once inside the vehicle we proceeded on our way, trying to revive the pup as we went. Putting her in a highchair in a roadside restaurant seemed the norm for us animal loving Canadians. At a local market we bought her a baby carrier that went over the shoulders and that is how she road all the way home.

She quickly come around( I think she was a great actress now), she really came alive, but she was saucy.

As soon as she was old enough, she flew to Canada where she now lovingly torments our family, she became much bigger than anticipated, but we love her and all she is.

You need to google “Listen Linda”, you will get to know how this dog became named “Listen Linda Pohl Ewasiuk”. She now goes by Linda. And this is how a new organization was temporarily named “Project Linda”.

Our goal is to raise monies to keep educating Guatemalans and to provide a cost effective mobile unit that will spade and neuter pets brought to its doors. Further the founder, of this new organization has purchased a second property to act as a holding facility for dogs coming back to Canada but further is large enough to be used as a cat rescue.

We hold a couple fundraisers per year one in the summer and one in the fall. Please try to attend one if you can, 100 percent of the proceeds goes to the charity to help with education and the care of animals in Guatemala.

Foster Parents Association

Children's Hospital

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