Friends and Resources

Are like a tree, there are those that are in our world like leaves that fall off every fall, for a short time. There are those that are like a branch that help.

I wanted to have a place on my site that honored those people, businesses and non profits that have touched my life. There are many reasons that one of these folks may have made it to my sight, I have tried to break it down into groups to make it easy if you are searching. Some of the people or businesses on here I have known for many years and they have  been loyal to us and helped make us successful. Others may be ones we have found recently and want to help promote. Whatever the reason they made it here, I hope that you use  these people, I hope that you try them if a business or just listen to what they have to say.


I consider myself a fiercely loyal person and I love those that have the same trait.

Forward Thinking

I love people who see well into the future but also those people that can wrap their minds around situations and come out on top. People who have developed their thinking so that it benefits not only themselves but also thinks of the betterment of others, they move people, they touch people.


I have always strived to be successful, but how does one measure that. It differs for everyone and I love that I can see in people what it is that they see as being successful. I also love to help people become their very best at whatever it is they do, what ever I can do to help.

Customer Service

Great Customer service is how great companies are built, one missing piece and you have lost the hope of doing great things

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