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Mr. Mom and  Russell Pohl have now lived as one for almost 17 years and I have not only the name but the role of Mr Mom. From the very beginning I have had many irons in the fire at the same time, wanting to try, accomplish and succeed at many things in a lifetime.

Approximately 20 years ago IMr Mom opened up a small café lovingly named Babushkas Café and Haberdashery,  this was the true beginning of Mr Moms World just under a different name. In this café  trade mark products such as perogies, cabbage rolls and kolbassa were created. My mother a wonderful baker and cook was apart of the team. Along with my husband and my two children from a previous marriage we embarked on an amazing journey.

Eager to build a unique business, our first location was a small café that sold a variety of products unique to Mr Moms, from homemade jams, candy and fudge and of course our line of Ukraininan products to include 23 flavors of perogies.

Wanting to build the name we started a monthly buffet with 3 seating time, but to promote that we thought we would sample the products at a local market, not really anticipating the products to sell, rather to bring attention to our buffet.

The rest as they say is history… 20 years at the Ladner Village Market, the premier village market in the province, led to catering  beyond belief across the province. Over the years Mr Moms World morphed into Mr Moms World Catering and Events. Catering to offices, private functions and in the process building a lifetime of loyal clients.

As we were building the business myself and my husband Darrell, embarked on another life changing journey, we became foster parents. Setting out to save the world one child at a time, believing that we would be able to make a difference to many but never dreaming that it would also fulfill a lifetime dream.

Having an issue with the Ministry more specifically a social worker who showed early her prejudice towards our union, I found it necessary to get involved on a political local level by joining the local board (FVFPA)that worked in support of foster parents.

As I worked my way up on this Board to President I began to want to do more. I was never shy and always had a sense of fair and wanting for our family.  I then  joined the provincial Board (BCFFPA) where   I continued to  support foster parents and was becoming more of a public person speaking with the Ministry and for foster parents. Realizing that my voice could make a difference I began to speak to various groups on a variety of topics.

From fostering to adoption, to language we speak in our families, to gay and lesbian issues and everything in between. Just as my catering began to take him around Canada and North America I was soon asked to speak on a variety of topics across the province, Canada and Upper United States.

Becoming President of the Provincial Association allotted me time with those willing to hear me and of course the very same people able to make the necessary changes to the system. With in that same time my role as an Advocate transformed into the Provincial Solutions Facilitator offering both the Ministry and foster parents the opportunity to sit and try to find solutions to issues before them, coming at the same issues with a different view.

Currently…. So Why Mr Moms World?? Well as the father of 10, my daily world is not limited to just being dad.  The name reflects and umbrellas everything going on in my world. I continue to cater many of the same clients that have risen successfully in their own companies or lives and have been loyal to Mr Mom for the past twenty years. Now only taking a few catering jobs per year for those loyal customers it takes me to places like New York, Chicago, Toronto, Halifax, Hawaii and many other wonderful locations.

Using my catering company, I raise monies for a variety of charities by donating 100 percent of monies raised and donating all products and services to make those events happen. Recipients have been Fraser Valley Foster Parents Association, BC Foster Parents Association, Canadian Foster Families Association, Recently a trip to Guatemala has triggered a need to sit on the board of the newly formed “Project Linda”, a organization helping Guatemalans learn how to rescue and control their pet population. A believer in giving back, I do so with my time and my talents.

A long process taking years was to get a collection of cook books done. Seemingly easy to others a nightmare to me. The first one supposed to be in a series was entitle Books for Cooks, Babushkas Café and Haberdashery….was the first and only when the editor disappeared.. Since then several people have been interested yet too have disappeared for one reason or another to include a signed deal. Thus these recipes or books in whole, will become apart of our website in one form or another.. to include pictures so stay tuned they are on the way once again.

A key note speaker at IFCO (International Foster Care Organization), I continue to speak across Canada and Upper United States on a variety of topics, although mainly smaller events he is open to larger audiences as well. Playing Master of Ceremonies, Facilitator, addressing specific topics and facilitating variety of workshops keep him on the go throughout the year.

Never being shy of the Camera, a pilot was taped a few years back… but alas not sold…..yet. I continue to appear on TV guest spots for Mr Moms World Catering and Events and some pieces as the spokes person for the BCFFPA. Soon to appear on upwards to 200 bus stop ads for fostering again with the BCFFPA, I continue to believe in what foster parents do. More recently you can see my gorgeous face, along with my partial family, on a provincial MCFD ad campaign for recruitment and fostering .

The latest project Mr. Moms World speaks has been a life long dream in putting together a site that will house everything that I do but also house the many talents that I have worked with or come across in my travels. From speakers, entertainers to writers, you will be able to find them on my website and connect directly to them to book them, buy their products or to possibly chat directly to them.

This site will house the long awaited Blog “ Food, Fun, Family, Facilitation & Fur…not necessarily in that order” where I will continue and regularly talk about all that goes on in the life of Mr Mom, my humorous stories about my husband,  family and travels to the serious topics of my work and passions to the getting old part of my  life, and what that means for an old queen like myself. Add to that guest contributors on a variety of topics and hopefully it will keep you coming back for more.

I am in the greatest part of my life right now and can’t wait to share a lifetime of stories with you. Buckle up Butter Cup! You’re in for a ride


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