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I can talk..oh boy can I talk, sometimes I tire myself out. So why not do it for a living… I do speak on a variety of topics here in BC but also have been across Canada and the Upper United States. I have been the keynote speaker at a few events larger, but the majority small. Facilitating and finding solutions has been part of my life for the past several years on the non profit front and I found that I love that role.

I have been on CTV, Joy TV and Global. I have been on CBC Radio North and Vancouver. I enjoy doing TV and have a lot of fun with it. We have over the years been asked to develop a show so we have taped two pilots neither of which were picked up, I thought they would be big in at least Korea…. I am currently working on a U-tube show title unknown yet. A friend who is as busy as me is partnering up behind the scenes. A second U-tube show is in talks as well, putting a real spin on Christian Conversation. Who knows where any of this goes, but I sure have fun trying.

I have been a contributor for several local publication, to include the BC council for families, BC federation of foster parents association, adoptive families of British Columbia, “What’s On Mission” and entrepreneur mom now. I am a regular in the Johnson Pork Calendar, Mr. October..hubba hubba.

I enjoy writing although I am not very good at it. I like to write as I speak, plain and simple. Lovingly I refer to it as Russellnease. Writing it is easy but understanding it takes a solid person with a trained eye…

I have finished or started 23 cook books all with singular titles Soups, Salads etc.… its along story why only ones small one has been published to date. We actually have had several people interested in them over the years. Infact we had a publisher sign with us, then it fell through. I swear to God that the cook book process is cursed for us. We have lots several editors over the years, one even to death. At least 4 USB sticks have been lost, tossed or stolen over the years.

The series is call Mr Mom’s Worlds Books for Cooks……A take off of the original one from our first company called Babushka’s Café and Haberdashery…Books for Cooks. Only 1000 were printed for our customers to be able to buy. Who knows maybe there are mores still out there than the 5 that I currently have.

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There are no words to express my gratitude to you. Your kindness has eased my families pain and I will be forever grateful. I will be forever grateful. I am glad we had this chance to meet someone as special as yourself.


Heather, Janice and Tomothy

I am surprised at 48 that you have such and openness and forgiving heart. Your presentation on LGBTQ issues , mixed with your private story sends a message to all youth about hope and self worth. Keep sending your positive messages to our community, we can’t lose one more.

Gwen and Lois (Australia)

I just started reading your blog….. ha your humor is twisted like mine. I love the guests you have on, I have not tried your recipes but look forward to doing so soon.

Vera R

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