Fostering & Adoption

We have been foster parents going on 20 years, it has been one of the most difficult challenges of our lives, yet the most rewarding.

We have fostered almost 60 kids over that time and proudly they almost all went to back home to biological family members or into potential adoptive homes. The only ones that have stayed are the ones that we have adopted.

As we draw closer to our final days of full time foster parents, we encourage everyone we meet to give fostering some thought, it will change your life forever. It is not for the faint of heart, nor is it something you stop when the going gets tough.

I have over the years met some pretty amazing people through the fostering community.

Once you are in the world of adoption, you are in a position to adopt those possible families that may not be going back home for what ever the circumstances may be. Foster parent are usually asked if adoption is of interest to them, and then if one of your children in your home become CCO, (permanent wards of the government), they will consider you for the permanency of this child.

We have adopted 7 kids currently with one more that possibly will be adopted, waiting on a courts decision.

We are honored that these kids have been entrusted to us. All of them come with their own challenges to life, as we all do. It is our goal to do the very best we can to guide and mentor them to adulthood. Sometimes, it is way harder than it may initially seems, and there are all sorts of road blocks and deterrents that come along.

Again though once you have made it to the other side…… it is one of the most amazing experiences one can go through. Through the fostering door, there may be more ups and downs, more waits, but usually these kids are who need us the most.

Whatever you decide to do, make a difference…..

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