So…… its grad season and easy peasy, there are hundreds of hair salons in Surrey that would do hair and makeup right? Not so. I am sure people must have booked their appointments a year in advance as four months out we could not get a joint appointment anywhere.

The search expands into Langley and voila we found out new friends at Joy Laina.

So the appointment made for Hair and Makeup. We arrived a bit early as I wasn’t exactly sure where we were going but soon realized that I had been to the area before. 20053 40th Ave, they are tucked away in a small strip mall, right beside the Royal Bank in Langley off 40th .

We were met with the “hello” by everyone and that they would be right with you. I think the only thing that I would say about this place is that they should have a full-time cashier/receptionist as the stylists were constantly being taken away from their clients before them.

The first appointment was to get the color to Rains Hair. For the most part, we had decided on the blue tips, once we got there though we decided to do a brilliant blue and purple. Because you are not to wash the hair for a few days after the initial color, we had booked the appointment four days to the actual grad.

The process because of Rains very long hair, was extremely long almost 4 hours. The results though were amazing, perfectly separated. Rain loved them and we all could see the potential results for the following Tuesday appointment.

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We also discovered that we could have also booked our nails here to, which we will remember for Grade 12 grad.

Tuesday’s appointment was a test of every dad’s patients, not because of anything the girls at the Salon were doing or not, rather the long time again had been added to by the nail appointment earlier in the morning.

The updo, although one thinks it is so simple of course is not. The time added up so we were here for at least 2.5 hours again for hair and makeup, really good, but for a twelve-year-old, who gets headaches from her hair being brushed it wasn’t such a great day.

However, the results were amazing, they definitely know their stuff. From the hairstylist, colorist and to the owner who did her makeup, the finished product was amazing. Of course, my “tomboy” daughter is gorgeous on any day, but everything that these girls did just brought out Rains beauty to the forefront.

I could not say enough about this group of ladies and their professionalism and kindness. From offering us coffee and water to the great banter in the store among them. They truly are a team of professionals. The store is beautifully decorated in a shabby sheik look, and very clean to the eye.

For us, it is a bit of a drive, but well worth the time to get there.

The finished result once we got home and into our grad dress, was a little girl, on the cusp of change and moving into becoming a young woman. Everyone oooood and awwwed and told us what a beautiful daughter we had… we knew it all along. The best part as always is the smile on her face, one that had confidence and a sense of “somebody” all over it.

Alas, our daughter came back moments before we got turfed from the “parent portion” when she threw off her heels and put on her colored coordinated sneakers…ahhhhh our tomboy.

So until the next time when we get to see our little girl, become a regal young lady (grade twelve), we will enjoy our beautiful soul of a tomboy with all the love and pride any two parents could possibly bestow on any one person.

So thank you to Joy Laina, for helping in the transformation of a young girl, to a more beautiful young lady for her special day.

You should all take a drive to this amazing shop, for your next beauty day.


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