I am not one to air my politics….well not much anyways, and I really feel this has nothing to do about the politics for me….the people that are saying and doing these horrendous things on the other hand….

It is reported that someone in the White House, made a reference that something wouldn’t matter(John McCain) because “he’s dying anyway”.

Let’s stop. Let’s just put our selves out there and we are part of John’s family.

We do not have to go into what this man has done for his country or not. Whether or not he was or wasn’t a war hero.

We do not have to agree with his political base. We do not have to agree or disagree, that he should or shouldn’t have voted down the Trump health care(insert here your laughter) plan.

We do not even need to talk about whether his choice to pick Sarah Palin as a running mate was good or not. It does not matter.

When did we become so cruel? So heartless. When is it ok that we kick someone when they are down.

Ok, I get maybe if he had bilked people out of millions of dollars. Maybe if he had murdered someone… any of those horrible things that we could look at and say “this guy deserves the shit storm”

Oh! I know what you are saying, “he chose to be in the public eye”, that too I get and in doing so he drags his family there as well.

But how does one believe that when someone is facing, the worst of multiple health issues, that it is ok for them to tromp on them? What are his family listening too? What kind of “Stupid” do you have to be to think this is ok. Further, what is that person doing in an office, that is supposed to be there for all its people?

When do these people get called out for being that assholes in society that they are? I get a kick out of people who can do this so casually, and because they say it with a smile and because of the hide behind a position they can do to other people or say things that are so over the top, and its supposed to be accepted. This is not about freedom of speech this is about being so insensitive to Mr McCains, wife, children and grandchildren.

I hope that people start to think not of the public figure, but of the people that could be in their lives that might too be affected.

I wish John McCain peace and love in his illness. He has served his country. Let his family be free from other people wishing to make such hurtful, personal attacks.

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