Wow!!!! Where does the time go! Who knew that when this young man came into our lives, that he would stay and become our son. I knew in my heart though that he would not leave, the very day he arrived. I know right? Odd! As a foster parent, you are always supposed to think of the return to family, I told his mom years later that I just knew in my heart.

He arrived at 1 ½ years old…….So fast forward to today his 16th birthday. I don’t think I could love this kid more. He has been the source of my tears, my love, my heart and of course my pride.

He is what we refer to in “our” family as being ODD, in fact, we are all ODD. We all have those oddities, that makes us a family.

When he first come into our family, we were baking from home for our markets, one day he leaned on the blueberry pie lid a little too hard and plop in he went arm deep.

He used to stare into the kiddie pool alongside our cat, Mercedes, a kitten then. Transfixed on the movement of the water.

He was one of those kids that just had his own way of learning. One that seemed to take time, a term which we now refer to as processing. At 16 he still is this way.

When asked what he wanted for his birthday it was to have his hair dyed again and to go to his favorite restaurant downtown Vancouver. So that will be it. The blog a little late today cause Grandma and I took him for sushi, and Grandma gave him a cake.

I love the young man he has become, he has a wicked sense of humor. I love the way he chuckles when he laughs. I love his uniqueness as a person. I love that he doesn’t like it when you tell him you love him, so now I say I like you very very much. I like that at 16 we started our version of a secret handshake and he smirks when doing his jazz hands.

I love that he says, “why do you act so young, when you are so old”. I love that he loves his ferrets, and was sad when one of the original pair passed and joyed when “Winter” joined the ferret left behind.

I love how he protects his little brothers when he has to. I love that he calls me on the phone for dinner, an upgrade from a text.

I love that he has a hollow leg and stands, no towers over his older siblings and calls them his little siblings. I catch myself on days like today at lunch remembering the day he came into our lives. How precious he was, how today if you hold a photo of him from then against our little boy we have now living with autism they could be twins.

I love how he is unassuming, hearing and knowing all without letting on that he does.

I love some of the grown-up conversations that we have now and his opinions and thoughts on those topics.

To “Our”son, you have brought so much joy into my life and your other father’s, you will never be able to understand how much we absolutely adore and love you. Oops LIKE VERY VERY much…..Happy Birthday on this your 16th.

To Dylan, I can not imagine a world without you in it, especially my world.—-LOVE your Dads

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