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It is hard to believe that we have been in the hospitality industry for 40 plus years. Over the last twenty-some years Mr Mom’s has changed forms a couple times, changed our menus many times and have changed directions a couple times. What hasn’t changed is our dedication and commitment to our clients.

We are proud to have catered several celebrities and high profile clients, over our twenty plus years in British Columbia. Besides our wonderful following from our years in business, we have been blessed with continuing to grow.

We have catered all sizes of functions over the years, from backyard BBQ’s, intimate dinners, to events in the thousands.

We continue to cater to our very loyal clientele and welcome new clients in for those special functions. We currently host several charities every year as a way of saying thank you for all that we have been blessed with.

We have at our disposal an entire team from music, entertainment, décor, and planners to help with your special event as well. Please check out our “friends and resources”, to find a list of those we work with regularly.



We raise monies for a variety of charities by donating 100 percent of monies raised and donating all products and services to make those events happen. Recipients have been Fraser Valley Foster Parents Association, BC Foster Parents Association, Canadian Foster Families Association, Recently a trip to Guatemala has triggered a need to sit on the board of the newly formed “Project Linda”, an organization helping Guatemalans learn how to rescue and control their pet population. A believer in giving back, I do so with my time and my talents.

Private Chef

As I transition from a over the top workload to a somewhat more balanced one, I have passed on a lot of the work to other companies that I know do a great job. NEVER as good as Mr Mom, but good on their own(I’m teasing). At this stage in my career it’s more about choosing the things I love to be apart of, instead of taking anything just to survive. That does not mean that I won’t take on those small intimate jobs nor does it mean we won’t take on those huge jobs. It just means I can be more choosie.
What it does me is that whatever it is, it has to speak to me. It has to be a reason, a purpose, whether for the uniqueness of the event or because they have been long time clients or… just because your pretty, but it will be my choice.
Where this life choice has lead me is a smaller work load but a more private clientele. Clients who value our loyalty, privacy policy and of course our quality.
As a private chef, I now do small dinner parties, 10 or under, but I still do those larger events that require more of a conductor than a chef. Whether it be in Spain, Toronto or New York, we are able to handle any size function. Give me a call, hey what’s the worst that could happen, I give you a referral to another caterer that may be available…You might luck out…. And I could be available for your event.
Custom made menus to suit you, your family or your guests and their many different tastes and or dietary needs. From gluten free, to vegetarian options to all out meat fest, let’s sit down and discuss what that looks like.

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