Food, Fun, Family, Facilitation & Fur

Not necessarily in that order. But where I will continue and regularly talk about all that goes on in the life of Mr Mom, my humorous stories about my husband, family and travels to the serious topics of my work and passions to the getting old part of my life, and what that means for an old queen like myself.


Do you suffer anxiety? What does that look like for you? I am blessed to not suffer from anxiety. I guess in the old days we might have lumped in good old stage fright as a form of anxiety. Maybe the first date you would have “butterflies”. The first of anything might...

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In light of recent events at my kids' school, it makes me wonder how well we screen the people that work with them. Further, what is the criteria to moving up. What does that look like, is it based just on courses taken or time served. The more that seems to happen in...

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El Santo…. What a great surprise

It was only by chance that I well sorta stumbled across this restaurant. Planning a luncheon with a friend to talk about businessish, and I just happened to be in New Westminster where here offices are, so I left it up to her to suggest a luncheon venue. Voila, enter...

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What a difference!!

As I have written in past, I have been bothered by some health issues over the last few years, seemingly getting worse and culminating in me thinking I was dying in October of 2017. No, not really dying but a gun to my head would have felt good. I had talked many...

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