Anglea Kerslake

One of the founding members of the Royal City Humane Society, a non profit society established in 1994 in New Westminster to deal with the pet overpopulation problem in New Westminster,  Angela Kerslake has been a dedicated animal lover all of her life.  A supporter of various animal welfare groups, she has in recent years, focused her efforts on the street dogs and cats in Guatemala.  Specifically, for the past 6 years, she has volunteered at and fundraised for the Animal Aware Guatemala Shelter in Sumpango, Guatemala, a no-kill shelter for cats and dogs. She has recently established a cat and kitten sanctuary in Antigua, Guatemala.  As the sole owner of a thriving family law practice in New Westminster, and the guardian of several dogs, cats and birds, she is determined to do all that she can to promote animal welfare throughout the world.


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