All in a days work…..

Back in the day…..(theres that set of words making me old) … My oldest kids grew up in the family business really. “In the day” when Mr Moms was doing many things, to include the markets, restaurants and catering, my kids had no choice in having to work.

Yes they “had” to work, you want to eat you have to put in time for the family business.

With that however came responsibility and with that came certain freedoms allotted to them, because of the trust and the level of their responsibility.

My then eight year old and ten year old, would be taken separately to different markets, dropped off, helped set up and we would race home to load another kid to another market and then I would head home to get my equipment all out of our poor old Explorer.

What it gave my kids beside the years of bitterness, and whining about being slave labour, was the ability to work with the public. I used to get all sorts of compliments on them and how they had impeccable manners and their level of responsibility.

I remember some one questioning me allowing my then teenage daughter (13) going downtown Vancouver with her friends on the bus alone, my response was always the same, “I trust her with thousands of dollars and now I can’t trust her to take a bus”?

“In those days”, what did not happen though was a teaching of basic business in school, or not that I was aware of and certainly not in my kids schools.

That brings us to today, where in my kids school they today have the “young entrepreneurs” show, where the students have developed their own products and now can sell them at the show. The beauty part of this is that it gives a small glimpse of what a business should be doing and how it should run.

Although not all the pieces click together for them, it is a basic understanding.

So my son decided that he was going to sell his pet rocks. I will let you do the math…….

He spent two full days gathering his rocks.

We and by we, I mean me, had to buy the said paints for this business venture.

He spent two or three days painting his rocks.

We, again by we, I mean me, had to purchase the eyes for the rocks, some got one some got two and others got three.

And so, with all of that he was going to offer his grandparents a cut rate I guess by selling them for 10 for a $1.00. I said, “I don’t think so”, LOL no family discounts.

Today as he hit me up for the “float”, (which I counted to a $10.00 exactly, and stressed not once but twice that it needs to be repaid), I was proud and glad that he was moving through this. That hopefully he would take a little bit of this business project into his adultness.

We can go over the details about profits and savings and all that later, but today he was a business man selling his wares. A proud day.

My daughter who is the same age as her brother, also has the entrepreneurial spirit within her, which I am equally proud of. She has set up lemonade stands(again we have not worked out the “getting all your product from the kitchen, and not paying for them yet”), but that will come in time.

This particular year she now has a babysitting gig, making her some decent coin for a twelve year old.

I think its great to give kids the basics on how to make money, and what is required to do so. It also gives the opportunity to stress those so important people skills, to include building impeccable manners.

Even though my now 30 something and 2

Even though my now 30 something and 29 something kids, sometimes complain about having to work so hard, and that they were slave labour, I am glad that they had that piece to their lives. I do not worry about either one of them as they both know how to make a buck and what it takes to do so. They are both doing well in life.

Will this be in all of my kids, I hope so…. But…. They have to live their lives they way they choose. If they choose not to pursue their own business that’s ok. What I hope they get is a sense of survival.

Here’s to all the young entrepreneurs of our world…. Best of luck….

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