As the father of 10, my daily world is not limited to just being a dad. The name “Mr Moms World Speaks” reflects and umbrellas everything going on in my world, from the past, present and into the future.

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A key note speaker at IFCO (International Foster Care Organization), I continue to speak across Canada and Upper United States on a variety of topics, although mainly smaller events he is open to larger audiences as well.



I continue to cater many of the same clients that have risen successfully in their own companies or lives and have been loyal to Mr Mom for the past twenty years. Now only taking a few catering jobs per year for those loyal customers it takes me to places like New York, Chicago, Toronto, Halifax, Hawaii and many other wonderful locations.


Food, Fun, Family, Facilitation & Fur…not necessarily in that order where I will continue and regularly talk about all that goes on in the life of Mr Mom, my humorous stories about my husband,  family and travels to the serious topics of my work and passions to the getting old part of my  life, and what that means for an old queen like myself.

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Fun, Food, Family, Facilitation and Fur

WTF School in Florida

I would like today to be a day we remember what happened in Florida at a High School. It should not again be happening, as you would think we have learned our lessons from past incidents in the US and in Canada. WTF is wrong with people, do we not see that something...

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Laugh, and you will be rich

Who knew, that to get rich all you had to do is laugh. It is National Laugh and get Rich Day, February 8, 2018. Hells bells if I knew it was that easy, I would have been super rich very early in my life. They say, and by they I have no clue who, that laughter will...

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Rabbit Stew

Today I thought I would start with some of the recipes that we will be making or having while up north. I am actually going to be in charge of the rabbit stew. I know I know we have two rabbits here, and they are not going to be apart of the dinner. That I am sure....

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Two weeks today and we take off to Sunny Fort Smith, NWT. .57.2 was the lowest recorded temperature, on December 26, 1917, Wholly schmolly, can you say “colder than a witches boob”? The thickest coat I now have is like a pleated table napkin(thanks to our...

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We are now in February, and we should get back to more serious things, such as Fur. This article is not about the two-legged kind it is more about the four-legged kind of fur. We as a family are big suckers for the furry furs, yet realize that because of our traveling...

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