As the father of 10, my daily world is not limited to just being a dad. The name “Mr Moms World Speaks” reflects and umbrellas everything going on in my world, from the past, present and into the future.

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A key note speaker at IFCO (International Foster Care Organization), I continue to speak across Canada and Upper United States on a variety of topics, although mainly smaller events he is open to larger audiences as well.



I continue to cater many of the same clients that have risen successfully in their own companies or lives and have been loyal to Mr Mom for the past twenty years. Now only taking a few catering jobs per year for those loyal customers it takes me to places like New York, Chicago, Toronto, Halifax, Hawaii and many other wonderful locations.


Food, Fun, Family, Facilitation & Fur…not necessarily in that order where I will continue and regularly talk about all that goes on in the life of Mr Mom, my humorous stories about my husband,  family and travels to the serious topics of my work and passions to the getting old part of my  life, and what that means for an old queen like myself.

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Fun, Food, Family, Facilitation and Fur

Merry Christmas from our friend Stacey

I love most EVERYTHING about Christmas.  I love the weather and how the colors of the lights glisten in the fog and brighten dark rainy days.  I love seeing strangers bustle through the shops and I love bumping into someone humming the same song that I...

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The Christmas Elf

My oldest daughter bought something called the Christmas Elf for her kids awhile back. Not really knowing what it was it took us a few years to get on board. Over the last five or so year we have let Christmas organically fade, not go away but fade. After all, we had...

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Holiday Shopping

In the early years of my young adulthood, I loved the thought of shopping, spending money really on anything, did not need a reason, season or event. I think it comes from starting work at such an early age. For the longest time, I was not great with money, lol well...

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As a father of 10, and with such an age gap between the first set of kids to the second set, (10 ish years), it is hard and challenging to reconcile our changing desires for the holiday season. We are now what I would refer to as older parents well well into our...

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